Congratulations to Destiny Ekaragha who has been chosen as one of BAFTA’s Breakthrough Brits!

BAFTA Breakthrough Brit is an initiative joint with Burburry, that celebrates and supports emerging talent in film, TV and games in the UK!


Destiny Ekaragha has had a whale of a year, after just having her first feature film Gone to Far (written by Bola Agbaje) released in cinemas on October 10th, making her the fourth black woman to have a film released in British cinema. Keep your eyes peeled for her new comedy webseries “Hot Pepper”!


The complete BAFTA Breakthrough List is as follows:

Product of the Week!

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The main ingredients are:

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What I love about this product is it doesn’t strip away but nourishes and actively hydrates the skin. The ground almond gently exfoliates the skin, whilst the oils help moisturise the skin and give a healthy glow! And 100% completely natural. Love it.

Name: Angels On Bare Skin

Where to Purchase: Lush

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Pros: 100% natural products

Cons: Always needs to be followed up with a toner (ideally 100% natural too) as the cleanser is very gentle and doesn’t always remove excess oils.


I’ve always struggled to be a lady. Well what I thought a lady should be. When I thought lady, I thought skirts and heels, lipstick and perfect hair all of which absolutely jar the life out of me. When I thought lady, I thought soft, one who never raised her voice, always looked pretty and for goodness sakes NEVER EVER GOT INTO A FIGHT.

Like I said I have ALWAYS struggled to be a lady.Behaving boyishly wasn’t just a phase. It was a guard. I found it was easier to not be emotional, throw a punch instead of articulate my feelings, not control my temper, and keep away from any kind of temptation or male attention by wearing baggy jumpers and behaving like one of them. And for the most part of my tomboyish life I couldn’t have cared less, but this year it really started to niggle at me.

“Come on Jessica, you’re twenty one now. It’s time to put away the Air Forces, the baggy jumpers and the boyfriend jeans. No man is going to want a boy for a wife.”

And I began to PANIC! I tried to start changing the way I dressed, tried to start acting like a lady but it really failed because I didn’t have a clue HAHA. And truth be told I didn’t want to change myself. I knew some of these traits were wrong but there was a part of my character I knew is just genuinely the way I’m made. I’m comfortable with how I’m created but I felt PRESSURE coming from so many places and so many people. So I started to pray about it. And God answered me. I didn’t wake up and suddenly fall in love with lipstick and dresses but this was made clear to me…

As far as I knew, there’s  difference between being a lady and a woman. But my perception was warped. No, being a lady isn’t about wearing dresses everyday, perfect hair and smelling good. But the reason that such is associated with that is because it’s about COMPOSURE. Being a lady is about the way you carry yourself. Making sure you present yourself WELL. And that is a fantastic trait. It comes naturally to some females and others (like me) have to work at it.

With that being said, being a lady is still about the exterior.

What about the interior? The internal. The heart of a female. Character. Personality. The core?

I believe this is what being a woman is. Just like a male grows from being a boy  matures he becomes a man, it is the same for a woman.

Becoming a woman is nothing to do with the physical. It’s CHARACTER. Understanding who it is that you are. It’s integrity. It’s being able making wise decisions even in the most difficult of circumstances, being able to look after a home. Being caring, loving, compassionate and gentle WHILST being able to maintain your STRENGTH.

And whilst we hold our strength, I do believe we must be able to have composure too. And drawing closer to God has made me realise this and by his grace, been able to execute it. When someone gets on our last nerve, we do not rear our ugly heads, scream and shout or cause a scene. We remain composed (like a lady) and deal with every situation gently. Yes easier said than done and no this does not make you a doormat, but grace and humility is what we as woman simply MUST  be able to execute on a daily basis. Angry? Remain composed, keep calm, and deal with it not from your anger or frustration, but from a steady mind. Being able to control emotions and not let them get the better of us, but instead control THEM and  still being able to speak from the right place is a STRENGTH.

And this is where being a woman can result in becoming a lady. Because the decision you start to make on the inside will overflow into the outside. Because becoming a woman with a gentle and composed spirit will have a direct impact on the way you carry yourself.The closer I get to God and allow him to change me from the inside, it’s becoming evident that by his merciful grace I am very slowly and extremely steadily becoming a gracious, gentle-spirited woman and little lady of God. And I’m doing it all in trainers 😉

Submit your script to Talawa Theatre Company

Talawa Theatre Company has always been a home for emerging Black British writers. Our new literary department is now up and running and we are expanding opportunities for writers with a variey of initiatives, including:

–         Talawa Writers’ Programme, our flagship scheme for developing new writing talent

–         Talawa Firsts, a season of new play readings

–         Studio Firsts, development opportunities for emerging artists

Talawa is calling for scripts by new and emerging Black British writers, the next script submission window will be between 1stNovember and 30th November.

Please send your script along with a short covering letter telling us about you and your work to: Jane Fallowfield, Talawa Theatre Company, 53-55 East Road, London N1 6AH.

Each script is read by one of our readers and will receive feedback. We aim to respond to you within 3 months.

For more information, visit the literary pages of the website:


Casting call for new CBBC series

Angela Grosvenor CDG is casting for THE SECRET LIFE OF BOYS, a new series from Foundation TV for CBBC, plus an interactive website.

The series is filming in the UK with director/producer Beryl Richards (Wizards Vs Aliens, Leonardo), and they are looking for an AUSTRALIAN girl (based in the UK) to play age 12/13, she should have a sunny personality.

Suitable applicants should email

Identity Come, Insecurites GO!

So I was having a talk with my sister gooooooorrrrllllls the other day… and the talk of insecurities came up….Hmmmm…

I guess insecurities come along when we are not certain or acceptant of who we are, when we are not confident in what it is we have.

“I’m not good enough”

“I’m not pretty enough”

“I’m too fat/skinny”

The list goes on….

Insecurities can spring up from anywhere at any point in life. They can stem from anything from deep rooted issues that began from childhood, the nasty comment  was made about your hair last week or simply comparing ourselves to others, desiring what they have and not being able to obtain it.

There is so much around us, telling us what we should be , what we should look like what our hair should look like, how big and round our buttocks should be (I am a GUILTY conformist, I too fell into the squat or die routine!!!)

But sometimes if we we are not “that” or don’t have what we think we should have, we can lose confidence in ourselves and what we have already been blessed with, thinking it’s not good enough.

Whatever or whenever, insecurities are obstacles and a MASSIVE NO NO.

Insecurities are a failure to recognise the power you possess. God made you. When God first made you he looked upon you and said “It is good”. You are good. So when did that stop? Who told you you weren’t good enough anymore? Who lied to you…

In life, there’s so much talk of finding ourselves but I don’t understand where along the line we got lost? We let so much of the world’s clutter rest upon our spirits and our psyches and become so buried under it that we don’t even recognise ourselves anymore. We let opinions, insults and comparisons mould us into who we are. And we sometimes lose our joy in the process. We lose the freedom to express who we really are.

Be secure in who you are! I’m not saying we don’t have faults and flaws. But the moment we’ve allowed those things to become a hinderance to our lives, or a way to define who we are we’ve made the biggest mistake..

You tell yourself you’re not beautiful enough… compared to who? And by what standards are beauty determined? Determine them by God’s standards. He says “You are fearfully and WONDERFULLY made”. Every intricate detail is purpose designed. If you had a different nose, you wouldn’t be you. If you had a different character, you would not be who God has made you to be SPECIFICALLY for a SPECIFIC purpose. You are SPECIAL. And nothing and nobody by any power to decide otherwise.

And if you do have insecurities, understand why. What made you feel that way? Address it and change it. Maybe somebody did something to you that made you feel like you’re worthless? Address it. And tell yourself the truth. The truth is your worth is above rubies. And anybody that fails to recognise that has massively lost out on a treasure.

If we perceive ourselves as small, we will walk the earths like we are worth nothing. But remembering who created you will give you the confidence you need to know that there is nothing more beautiful out there than you because you are you. Insecurities come from a negative perception of self. Change your perception of yourself. See yourself the way God sees you. Identify yourself in Christ. Because I don’t know about you, but being made by God makes me pretty awesome!

Word To Meditate:

“I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.” – Psalm 139:14